Friday, April 13, 2012

To Have and To Hold by Tracie Peterson & Judith Miller

This book begins with Audrey Cunningham and her father Boyd in a financial dilemma. They have recently moved back home to the ancestral home on Bridal Veil Island, Georgia when they discover that they are extremely behind on their taxes and they don't have enough money to pay. Fortunately, a group of investors are interested in the island and offer them a deal that will help them pay their back taxes. Audrey, her father and her Aunt Thora open up their home to boarders - the supervisors of the building of the resort.

Marshall Graham shows up as a favor to Boyd Cunningham and becomes the project manager. Immediately upon his arrival Audrey automatically takes a disliking to him because she thinks he is like his father and whole family - a family of drunks. Having dealt with her father being like that the majority of her life, she is concerned that Marshall will be a bad influence on him.

Building begins on the resort and soon all sorts of problems ensue. As you can imagine, eventually Audrey and Marshall begin to have feelings for each other, but you'll have to read the book to find out what kinds of setbacks happen on the building project and on their relationship.

This was an enjoyable story for the most part. There were many times though that I found myself frustrated with Audrey or her Aunt Thora. Their characters seemed to go a little overboard at times in my opinion.

This book did focus on how we can trust God even when life is hard, but didn't over do it that it became too much of the focus of the book. It blended itself beautifully into the story line.

Overall, I enjoyed this book and would most likely recommend it to anybody that enjoys historical fiction. I have read many books by Tracie Peterson, one of the authors of this book and have always enjoyed them and this book didn't disappoint either.

In closing, I want to make sure that I mention that I received this book for free from Bethany House Publishers in exchange for an honest review. I was under no obligation to give a positive one.

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