Saturday, December 8, 2012

The 365 Most Important Bible Passages for Mothers: Daily Readings and Meditations on Experiencing the Lifelong Blessing of Being a Mom

Reading this book for a review was kind of challenging, not because the content wasn't enjoyable or because it wasn't practical because it all was. But mainly because it is supposed to be a day-by-day devotional book not a sit down and read through the whole thing in a few days.

That being said, this book is such a valuable resource. It was so practical and really helped me as a mom to think more about raising my child. It seemed to me that this book would be helpful for any stage of motherhood you are in, but seeing as my child is only two this is just a guess.

Things to note since you are probably reading this book to find out if you would like to purchase it yourself...if you like the Bible passages to be from only one translation you might not enjoy this book. If you really only like to read from the KJV and nothing else you may want to pass as the KJV isn't used (the NKJV is, but not KJV).

While this book does go by the calendar year, it also has a handy table of contents at the beginning that shows you what the different subjects are throughout the book. This could be helpful if you are really needing to encouragement about a certain topic you could use that as a guide to find a devotional that would be more relevant to what you are going through at that time.

I received this book for free in exchange for an honest review through Faith Words. All of the opinions are my own.

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