Sunday, August 25, 2013

Relentless Pursuit by Ken Gire

For the most part, I really enjoyed reading this book. It gave me new insights on who God is and how He desires a personal relationship with each one of us - so much so that He "relentlessly pursues" us. Wow! What an awesome thought. The God of the Universe cares so much about each one of us. We, who are unworthy. We, who sin and want our own way. Yet, God pursues us!
This book was somewhat disjointed, though since I wasn't able to sit down and read it all at once I thought maybe it was just me and the fact that a lot was going on in my life. However, at least for me, this disjointedness didn't distract me from the overall book or its message.
The book is broken up into the following chapters:
1. The Pursuit
2. The Pursuer
3. The Nature of the Pursuit
4. The Part of Us That Is Lost
5. God's Passion for the Outsider
6. God's Provision for the Outsider
7. Jesus' Mission to the Outsider
8. God's Mandate to the Insider
9. The Part of Me that was Found
I enjoyed learning more about the life of the author who wrote the poem, "The Hound of Heaven". As well as reading more about C. S. Lewis that I didn't know before. I found it especially interesting that C. S. Lewis was at one time a self-proclaimed atheist and yet even he was pursued by God and came to be a Christian - one who wrote many books with Christian themes.
The author does write about his own life - a lot! But I think this book would be hard to write without showing how your life was and how you studied and came to realize that God is constantly pursuing us and that He puts the desire in us to pursuit Him back.

If there have been times in your life when you've felt like an outsider, this would be a good book for you to read! If you're not sure about Christianity and what God is all about. Please read this.
I received this book for free from Bethany House in exchange for an honest review. I was under no obligation to give it a positive review. The thoughts in this review are my own. 


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