Monday, October 7, 2013

No Safe Harbor by Elizabeth Ludwig

Years ago, I had the opportunity to visit Ellis Island and I loved it! I'd always liked learning about history and visiting historical sites, but for some reason even now many years later Ellis Island and the Statue of Liberty hold special places in my heart. Perhaps it is because of the hope that so many immigrants sought after and seeing the Statue of Liberty and being processed through Ellis Island gave them their opportunity. For whatever reason that I loved Ellis Island, that was a big reason why I wanted to review this book.
This book is about a girl that didn't really have any reason to stay in Ireland, her parents were dead and for many years she thought her brother was dead as well. When Cara Hamilton receives a letter from her brother, Eoghan, to come to the States, she can't believe that he is alive and she might get to see him again! Everything is very secretive though as the last time she'd seen him he'd been caught up in a group called the Finians that were causing political upheaval in Ireland.
Cara leaves her home and goes to America to start a new life and to see her brother again. He warns her to not trust anybody and she tries to keep his secret though everything in her wants to tell people who she really is. While on the boat to America, she meets an elderly man who is kind to her and gives her the name of a boardinghouse where she can stay and find some work. She has just gotten through processing on Ellis Island when she meets a young man named Rourke. Rourke isn't exactly what he seems, but he is kind to her and continues to be a friend to her.
Knowing that she is supposed to not trust anyone, Cara wars within herself to tell Rourke why she came to America. With intrigue, mistaken identities and of course a little bit of a love story thrown in, this book was a delight to read.
The main characters sometimes frustrated me because I like people to just tell what they are thinking and not to skirt around issues, but that also was a big part of the book so I understood the reasoning behind the secrecy.
I did enjoy this book, I think that if you like mysteries and historical fiction this will probably be a book you'll enjoy. There are many other delightful (and some not so delightful) characters in this book that just really help to give the book substance.
I received this book for free from Bethany House in exchange for an honest review. I was under no obligation to give it a positive one. All the thoughts in this review are my own.

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