Thursday, July 3, 2014

Trouble in Store by Carol Cox

Plot: When Melanie Ross is fired from her recent job as a governess, she has no where to turn. She decides to head to Arizona to help with a mercantile shop that her cousin, George, had run with his partner before his death. The partner had a sent a letter offering to give her George's items should she ever make here way out there. 

When Melanie arrives in Arizona, she is met by Caleb Nelson who is convinced he is the rightful heir to the store - left to him by his uncle who was her cousin's business partner. 

The two must try to get along with each other and run the store even though there are many setbacks - including a murder or two that need to be solved. 

Review: I really enjoyed reading this book. While there were a couple slower spots, it quickly picked up and I always felt drawn into the story line. What was going to happen next? Who is causing all the trouble for the store? This book really kept my attention the whole way through. 

The main characters were likeable - and well-detailed, you really felt like you were right there in an early town in Arizona. They were also relatable. These were humans trying to do the best they could, but still making mistakes because let's face it - that's what humans do. We make mistakes, even with the best of intentions.

Since I love historical fiction, this book was perfect. It drew you back into the Wild West when towns were starting to sprout up, but weren't completely settled. I loved the mystery that was thrown in as well. I love a book with a good mystery. Even though I figured out the mystery before it was completely resolved in the book, I still wasn't 100% sure until I read the resolution. So enjoyable!

If you like historical fiction and mystery/suspense you'll probably like this book. It is a very clean book that would appeal to teenagers and adults that like books to be wholesome. 

In conclusion: I did receive this book from Bethany House Publishers in exchange for an honest review. All thoughts are my own and I was under no obligation to give it a positive review. 

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